After School Program — Important Information

Monday-Friday, School-dismissal-time through 6 p.m.; August 10, 2023 – May 22, 2024 (dates may change due to changes in LSC calendar)

Location: LUM Ray Ewry Center, 525 N 4th St., Lafayette, IN 47901

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Important Dates

  • FIRST DAY — Tuesday, August 10
  • Winter Break — December 21 – January 2
  • FIRST DAY — Wednesday, January 3
  • Spring Break — March 25 – 29
  • Days Closed — September 4, October 16- 20, November 22 – 24, December 22-January 2, January 15, February 19, March 25- 29 (dates may change due to changes in LSC calendar)
  • LAST DAY — Wednesday, May 22 (date may change due to changes in LSC calendar)
  • School Calendar — LUM After School Program always follows the regular Lafayette School Corporation calendar (dates may change due to changes in LSC calendar)
    • LSC Delays — no change to ASP
    • LSC Early Dismissal — ASP canceled
    • LSC Cancels School for any reason — ASP canceled
    • LSC days off — ASP closed — see above “Days Closed”
  • Open House
    • Tours of the LUM Ray Ewry Center (525 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN) may be arranged by emailing Kristi Hogue at
    • Please come see the facility, meet staff and get answers to any questions that you may have, and learn in detail what your child will experience in the After School Program

Fees & Payment Information

Sliding Fee Scale – Per Child
Poverty LevelWeeklyMonthly
<127%Your family may qualify for CCDF vouchers
128 – 175%$40.00$128.00
176 – 400%$50.00$160.00
  • PAY WEEKLY or MONTHLY. You choose the payment plan that fits your budget the best.
    • Weekly: $40, $50 or $60 for each child
    • Monthly: $128 or $160 or $192 per month for each child
  • Payment due in advance — the last school day of the previous week/month
  • Must agree and follow payment schedule
  • Due with Application (non-refundable): $10 registration fee
  • Late fee: $10.00 each time your fees are not paid on time
    • Repeated lateness could result in removal from the program
  • Payment Options — Pay Online -or- Pay in Person -or-  Pay by Mail
    • Indiana CCDF Vouchers accepted
    • Pay Online – through Paypal – click HERE
    • Pay in Person
      • Pay when you drop off or pick up your child(ren)
      • Stop by the LUM Office (420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901), Monday-Friday: 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    • Pay by Mail – Make checks payable to Lafayette Urban Ministry; and mail to Lafayette Urban Ministry, 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
  • Payment Expectations, click HERE

Medical Information:

  • Immunization Record — A current shot record with the current year’s date is required before application will be accepted
  • Medication and allergy information on the application form

Attendance, Absence & Pick-Up Information

  • Absences
    • If a child is not going to attend ASP for a day or more, parents must let LUM know as soon as possible but no later than noon on the day of the absence.
  • Pick Up
    • Children must be picked up by 6 p.m. each day
    • Only parents may pick up children; other adults picking up children must be authorized in writing and in advance by parents – no exceptions
  • Parking
    • Must park in legal parking spaces at the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center
    • Handicap Parking is available only in designated area

Other Information:

  • Communication with Families for whom English is a Second Language
    • LUM welcomes children from all backgrounds. Communication with parents is very important for your children’s growth, learning and safety. If you are not able to communicate in English, please have an emergency contact person listed for LUM who speaks English and is authorized to pick up your children.
  • Children’s belongings:
    • LUM is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items
    • Items not allowed in school are not allowed at ASP
    • Children are not allowed to bring anything from home, including but not limited to: toys, electronics, candy, or food.

Forms & Information:

  • Family Guide, click HERE
  • Discipline/Guidance Policy, click HERE
  • Payment Expectations, click HERE
  • Lafayette School Corporation Calendars, click HERE

Contact information:

Kristi Hogue, LUM Youth Programs director
Phone: 765-423-2691

After School Program Application — Click HERE

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No LUM Program applicant shall suffer discrimination due to his/her race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, physical handicap, sexual orientation, political association or belief, or union affiliation or activity.