Here are some “frequently asked questions” about LUM financial assistance — and the answers.

Q: What do I need to bring with me for rent, utility, or prescription assistance?
A: Depends on what you need help with, but generally a photo ID, a copy of your current lease (or mortgage payment book), the most recent utility bill that shows “disconnect notice,” your HIP/MDWise statement, the information of which pharmacy your medications are ready for pick-up.

Q: Does my utility bill need to be a disconnect notice?
A: Yes. Exceptions to this are if you have a deposit, payment agreement, or budget billing showing on your current bill.

Q: Will you help with an eviction?
A: Many times real eviction court dates come with a hefty amount owed. We may or may not be able to help you because our funding is so small or we’ll require you to already have paid a significant portion of the amount owed.

Q: Do you help with phone cards?
A: No. We do not help with phone cards. If you are receiving TANF/SNAP, you should qualify for a government phone and that is what we recommend you seek since it’s free of charge to you.

Q: Do you help with cable TV/internet bills?
A: No. This is not something we are able to assist with.

Q: Will you help with CityBus tokens or Greyhound trips?
A: No. This is not something we can generally assist with. In extremely rare and unique situations, it may be possible.

Q: What do you help with?
A: We help with utilities after you receive a disconnect notification (but please come see us before you are actually disconnected!) or in other situations like payment agreements, deposits, or budget billing. We offer small amounts for rent/mortgage. We’ll help with most prescription drugs, including prescription glasses. We’ll help pay your annual HIP premium.

Q: Besides financial assistance, is there anything else you do?
A: Yes! Our program also helps to resource you with other avenues for assistance and by guiding you to other areas where you may qualify for varying types of help to improve your situation. This includes things like: referrals, a current “Now Hiring List” for area employers, information about government programs, etc.

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