After School Program Payment Expectations

LUM After School Program is open based on the Lafayette School Corporation Calendar.  

LUM After School Program is open based on the Lafayette School Corporation Calendar.  The After School Program has a set tuition per child, which takes into account all breaks and holidays. Fees are charged regardless of dates/times services are used, as we base our fees on services provided over the course of the semester.  We ask that you commit to paying weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Please understand that timely payment is vital for the functioning of the program.  Our fee covers the cost of providing a safe and nurturing environment, tutoring/homework help, daily snacks, educational activities, field trips, Purdue-sponsored events, and recreational activities.  At this time, we plan to be closed for all school holidays and breaks.  Please look at the LSC calendar.

ASP Sliding Fee Scale
Poverty LevelWeeklyMonthly
<127%may qualify for CCDF vouchers
128 – 175%$40.00$128.00
176 – 400%$50.00$160.00

Monthly Tuition Option: Due, in full by the first of each month. 

Weekly (or Biweekly) Tuition Option: Weekly or Biweekly Payments should be made in advance on the Friday before the covered period.  For Weekly or Biweekly options, the listed late fee will be charged after Monday pick up on the week(s) covered.  

Late Payments:

Payment is expected, in full, by the due dates listed based on your choice of payment option. A $10 late fee will be applied to payments made after the due date. If payments are not made on the due date, and no payment arrangements have been made, services will be suspended until payment has been made in full.  There will also be a late pick up fee assessed at $5 for 15 minutes or any part thereof after 6 p.m.  Continued late pick up will result in loss of services.

CCDF Funding:  Your swiping of hours and payment of weekly co-pay (if applicable) are required forms of payment for you.  If you fail to pay or swipe hours on time, you may be in jeopardy of losing your care at LUM.  Please keep up to date with those expectations.

Families must contact the Director no later than 24 hours prior to a late payment through REMIND, office phone 765.423.2691, center phone 765.269.4121, or email