Letters to Campers

Your LUM Camp registration will NOT be accepted without a letter to your child included.

Each camper will be given a letter from their family while at LUM Camp. The children love the letters from home — and it really helps make their time at camp happy and positive. Thanks in advance for writing a thoughtful letter to your child.

Here are some requirements and helpful tips:WP_20160510_12_58_37_Pro

  • Letter MUST be…
    • Hand-written
    • Written as if they are at LUM Camp NOW
  • Be positive
    • Focus on the positive experience of attending LUM Camp
    • Happy letters of encouragement
    • No bad news
  • Be creative
    • Use colorful paper, pens
    • Add stickers — draw a picture
    • Write a letter from the family pet

Topic Ideas

  • Sample sentences
    • “I bet you’re having a wonderful time at camp!”
    • “I can’t wait to hear about all the fun things you’ve done at camp this week”
    • Like swimming, climbing the wall, riding a horse, arts & crafts, hiking
    • “I look forward to hearing about all the new friends you’ve made at camp this week.”
  • Funny
    • Include a funny story — it can even be true
    • Joke of the Day — click HERE
    • Riddles — click HERE
  • Educational
    • Include a topic of interest — or specific topic
    • Word of the day — click HERE
    • Trivia — click HERE
  • Spiritual — Bible verse of the day — click HERE

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