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LUM cannot do your taxes without an appointment. Once you have an appointment, continue below with the “Online Intake” process.

If you have NOT already made an APPOINTMENT with LUM to have your taxes done, STOP NOW and call us at 765-423-2691.

For more detailed information about how our tax program is working this year, click HERE.  And if you’d prefer to do you own taxes using our software, with email support from our volunteers, click this button:

Online Intake Process

The online intake process will utilize a form developed in partnership with Purdue and the United Way of Greater Lafayette. You won’t see LUM’s name on the form or the website, but we’ll still be the ones doing your taxes.

To complete the intake form, you will need to answer all the questions as completely as possible. At various points, you will also be prompted to upload documents, including copies of your:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Cards for all members of your household
  • Any other relevant financial documents such as W2s, 1099s, and Social Security Benefit Statements

So take a moment now to gather all the documents you’re going to need. Use your phone to take photos of them. If you will be completing the form on a computer, you may want to email the photos to yourself or otherwise upload them to your computer.

The final question on the form will ask where you would like to pick up your tax return once it is complete. You MUST select Option 3: “In-person at Lafayette Urban Ministry.” Otherwise, we will not have access to your information.

Consent Forms:

Before proceeding to the intake itself, you first need to sign all of the consent forms required by the IRS and Lafayette Urban Ministry.

  • Virtual VITA/TCE Taxpayer Consent (PDF)
    – View, print, sign and submit. To view, click HERE.
  • Consent to Disclose and to Use Personal Tax Return Information
    – View, print, sign and submit. To view, click HERE.
  • Summary of Consent Given – Complete & Submit the Form below: