Good Samaritan Program

Emergency Financial Assistance – COVID-19 Response below

What’s Offered:

  • Funds:
    For family emergencies such as…

    • Utilities (gas, electric, water) – help with fees, re-connection or deposit
    • Rent/Mortgage payment
    • Medical – Prescription medication, HIP premium payment, physical exam or TB test required for new job
    • Work-related clothing – clothes required for a new job
    • Clothing (general use) – clothing vouchers are available from time to time
    • GED test fee

Generally less than $50; decisions are made on a case-by-case basis
There is also a total amount allowed per household per year

How often:
Not more than every 30 days — or until your household annual limit is reached
Generally do not help with the same bill more than once

  • Referrals to other assistance programs
  • NO funds for doctor bills, car repairs, gasoline for cars, bus tokens, court or legal fees, bills not yet past due, bills too large

How to get funds from the Good Samaritan Program:

    • Due to COVID-19, the LUM Office is closed to visitors. Here is how you may request financial assistance
      • Complete online Financial Assistance Request form, click HERE
      • Submit all documentation through email to
      • LUM staff will email or call you to follow up — AFTER all documentation has been submitted
    • PLEASE NOTE – Due to the high number of requests for financial assistance that LUM is receiving at this time, you may not hear back from us immediately after submitting the “request form.” One of our staff members will get back to you via email or phone as soon as they are able to get to your request. In the meantime, please submit the request form and then send all documentation (see below) related to your request to For more information, please READ this entire page. click HERE. Thank you for your patience.
  • Prescriptions – must be ready for pick-up at your pharmacy
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & the Answers may be found HERE

Who may get funds from the Good Samaritan Program:

What you should bring with you:

  • Picture ID
  • Names & birth-dates of all adults & children in your household
  • Required paperwork:
    • Utilities – Gas, Electric, Water
      • Current Disconnect notice
      • Your Current Bill from the Utility company
    • Rent/Mortgage
      • Copy of your Current Lease or Bank Payment Book
      • Rent Receipt or a Letter from your Landlord
    • Medical
      • Prescription — Name & phone number of your Pharmacy
      • HIP — current bill
      • Physical/TB Test — Note from your new employer or the employment agency – listing Physical Exam or TB Test is required
    • GED Test Fee — proof of current enrollment and testing date
    • Work-related clothing
      • Note from your new employer or the employment agency – listing required clothes like work boots or uniform

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Contact information:

Linda Hicks, Good Samaritan Program director
765.423.2691 |