Discipline/Guidance Policy

{As required by the State of Indiana – Provider name: Lafayette Urban Ministry}

It is very important that a child’s development is nurtured through caring, patience and understanding.  However, while caring for your children, we may have to respond to your child’s misbehavior.  Hitting, kicking, spitting, hostile verbal behavior and other behaviors which will hurt another child are not permitted.

In response to these behaviors, we will not use:

  • Threats or bribes
  • Physical punishment, even if requested by the parent
  • Deprive your child of food or other basic needs
  • Humiliation or isolation

In response to misbehavior, we will:

  • Respect your child
  • Establish clear rules
  • Be consistent in enforcing rules
  • Use positive language to explain desired behavior
  • Speak calmly while bending down to your child’s eye level
  • Give clear choices
  • Redirect your child to a new activity
  • Move your child to a time-out area for no longer than one minute per year of your child’s age, if necessary

If your child’s behavior is very disruptive or harmful to him/herself or other children, we will discuss the issue with you privately.  If the situation can be resolved, the child may remain enrolled.  If we are unable to resolve the issue, you may be asked to make other child care arrangements.

Please also see the other LUM behavior management documents in your registration packet.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

As a parent, you may have some concerns or wish to offer suggestions.  We may modify the above plan with agreed upon suggestions. Additional techniques to be used with my child and suggestions may be emailed to Kristi Hogue (khogue@lumserve.org).