Behavior Expectations for LUM Camp

Each child is expected to behave in a respectful way at LUM Camp. 

Listed below are rules each child will need to follow to make camp a wonderful experience for all:

  • No put downs or name calling.  Camp is a time to have fun, show respect for each other and make new friends.
  • Each camper is expected to leave his hands and feet to himself and not get into others belongings.  Therefore, we will not tolerate fist fights.
  • Be a good listener and follow directions.
  • Always stay with a counselor or adult leader.  A camper is never to go off by him/herself.
  • Be a team player and display a good attitude.

Parent/guardian of each camper must read and understand the Behavior Expectations of camp.

Parent/guardian of each camper must agree to bring their child home from camp if he/she is asked by the director to leave camp based on the child’s behavior.