Apply for Citizenship – On Your Own


How it Works

Citizenshipworks is a free  service that helps you apply for citizenship online on your own. This service will guide you through the process of your eligibility and citizenship application and then connect you to our initiative’s immigration provider organizations for an easy, quality, free final review. For instructions on how to use the portal see below. 

Click on the link below to open a Citizenshipworks account and start your application:

Please email the LUM Immigration Clinic staff if you have questions or concerns.  

How to Use Citizenshipworks – Step by Step Instructions

In order to ensure efficiency and timeliness, we ask that you begin your application online through a website managed by our DOJ Accredited Representatives, Citizenshipworks. When you come in person for your appointment, DOJ Accredited Representatives will access your application through the website and make any necessary changes. If you do not have access to a computer or need help using the computer, please call Monica at 765) 423-2691 

Step 1: 

Go to and click the green button to start your application now! 

Step 2: 

Once you answer the initial screening questions (age, green card date, etc.) you will be directed to create an account. In order to start your application, you must create an account using your cell phone number or email. Don’t forget your username (cell phone number or email) and password! 

Step 3: 

When you sign in for the first time, you will receive a pop-up notification asking you to join [org name]. This allows our Accredited Representatives to access your application. Click the green option, “Join.” 

Step 4: 

Click on “Application” and begin! Complete as much as you can before your appointment date. If you complete the entire application, you will be able to save time in your in-person appointment. Please make sure that you answer each question truthfully and honestly. After you are finished, please send an email to [org email] that you completed your application. DOJ Accredited Representatives will not be able to assist you if you have not completed 90% of the application, and you will be referred to [our drop-in hours/workshop]. 

Step 5: 

Ensure that you have all necessary documents to bring with you for your appointment